Our Mentors

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Meet Some Of Our Mentors

Amy Hallahan

Sales @ Microsoft

Marketing graduate who progressed from an intern to an Enterprise Account Executive in under two years. Amy is also a qualified MUA boasting over 5k Instagram followers.

Luke Bodis

BDR Manager @ Checkout.com

Luke works as a BDR Manager at Checkout.com, based in their London office. Not only is Luke a mentor he is a hiring manager always looking for great candidates.

Jessica Rogers

Customer Success @ Square

Jess has experience across sales, support and customer success between Deliveroo & Square along with also being a qualified personal trainer.

Dave Hare

Account Manager @ Google

Dave is a graduate from Smurfit Business School who has worked for 5 years at Google across multiple different sales roles in both the US & Ireland.

Alice Immink

Business Development @ Linkedin

Alice holds a history and politics degree but has paved her way in tech working in well known companies such as Airbnb & Linkedin.

Jack Sheehan

Relationship Manager @ Intercom

Jack has worked in both support & sales roles in Irish startups News Whip & Intercom. In his spare time, Jack is a big gamer ranking globally on PUBG.